About us

COAL was founded in 2011 by Peter Scida when travelling in Asia to find the perfect location for a textile factory after expanding his business. Upon arriving in Bali, he fell in love with not only the beauty of the tropical location, but also with the unique culture of generosity and warmth of the local people. 


In finding such a special connection with the community in Bali, it was decided that the business would strive to be as transparent and authentic as possible, from start to finish, and give back to the local community as much as possible. This is why COAL recruited a small, close-knit team of patternmakers and seamstresses, who are treated as family; all employees are paid an above average living-wage, as we do not want to contribute to mass-production common in the industry. COAL also support local groups in Bali, such as kids' sports teams, in providing them with high-quality clothing to get out, play, and enjoy life. 

COAL grew large enough to be able to manufacture its own fabrics, and through many years of trial and error, Supima cotton was chosen as our signature fabric, in order to create light, breathable yet extremely durable apparel. Raw materials are sourced, milled, and woven directly in Indonesia.
Our goal is and always will be to provide premium clothing to our clients, while staying transparent and involved in supporting local communities and not contributing to mass-production, sweatshop-style factories. 
Thank you for choosing COAL - Come Out And Live - We hope our apparel will follow you on your every adventure!
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-The COAL Team